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Who Are We

Excellence’s Travel LLC is a travel agency that specializes in singles, couples and family travel management. Our vision is unique, is different from most travel agency’s we provide our clients with the opportunity to explore the world as it fits their needs. We offer our clients travel with a unique aspect, you dream it we create it.  

All of our packages are available to anyone who would like to experience them, but a majority of our clients are African American couples and families within the United States. 

Since we are a full-service travel agency, we make all the travel reservation, take all payments for travel, manage the booking and provide travel assistance before, during and after your trip. 

What Makes Us Different


What makes us Excellence’s Travel different is that we provide a service unique to each client. Throughout our years of service, we have provided travel consultation for quite a few families, couples and singles both domestic and international. Our dedication to our clients, in helping them create lasting memories is what makes us different. 

Within our three years of service, we provided travel accommodations and service to more than 15 countries and planned numerous trips with numerous amounts of travelers. Excellence’s Travel handles all of our traveler's experience, using careful selection when it comes to accommodations to managing each client travel reservations, taking secure online payments, building the itinerary, and preparing our clients for their trips. 

We offer our clients a well-planned vacation experience that includes a balance of relaxation along with different activities they can enjoy on their trip. We treat our clients as if they are family, and ensure their experience is nothing but memorable. 

We have a growing online travel group and travel page that provides our clients with a wide range of knowledge when it comes to the world of travel. In our group it’s an open forum to ask the question, express your travel interest, gain knowledge and share your travel adventures.

Our mission at Excellence’s Travel is to offer our clients the best possible vacation experience, by taking all the hard work out of the planning and preparing. The clients that work with Excellence’s Travel thoroughly love their experience with us, and our affiliate partners and often return to book another amazing adventure with us. The experience that each client gains, and share through travel are invaluable, and we are more definitely excited for your experience it as well. Come and join us on our next amazing adventure.  


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What We Offer

We’re proud to be a Brooklyn-based business. Come by and visit; we’re here for you!

What Our Customers Say

9ca2 ad09 jonathan korner

I love Excellence's Travel. My first visit was delightful and the overall experience was impressive. I highly recommend giving them a try.

Brooklyn, NY
9ca2 ad09 valor kopeny

Excellence's Travel was the missing piece to my puzzle.

Chris Wei
Founder and CEO, Fair Market Barn
beach coast island ocean

Using Excellence's Travel helped me save weeks of work.

Karen Weiss
Technical Director, Business Associates LLC

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